Elena Denisova, Collegium Musicum Carinthia, Alexei Kornienko

Reger: Violinkonzert A-Dur

Released: 2010

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Violinkonzert A-Dur, Op. 101: I. Allegro moderato

Elena Denisova, Collegium Musicum Carinthia, Alexei Kornienko


Violinkonzert A-Dur, Op. 101: II. Largo con gran espressione

Elena Denisova, Collegium Musicum Carinthia, Alexei Kornienko


Violinkonzert A-Dur, Op. 101: III. Allegro moderato, ma con spirito

Elena Denisova, Collegium Musicum Carinthia, Alexei Kornienko


This recording is the unique coloboration project of the RMS and Deka Media (Austria)! Award-winning violinist Elena Denisova is performing violin concerto by Max Reger, acompanied by Collegium Musicum Carinthia under Alexei Kornienko. www.russianmusicsociety.com www.elena-denisova.com www.alexei-kornienko.com Elena Denisova is one of the outstanding figures of the Russian violin elite. Her great musical maturity, individual style of interpretation and supreme virtuosity have won acclaim from press and public alike. Such superlatives are easily understood in view of her professional background. Born in Moscow, she began music lessons at the age of four, before going on to study at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory in the violin class of Valeri Klimov, and the master class of Oleg Kagan. Concert tours brought her to many European countries, with triumphal success. The Gustav-Mahler-Ensemble, founded by Denisova, is characterised by her relentless striving for musical excellence and the high interpretative demands she makes of her musicians. Joy in playing and spontaneity however are not lost. Elena Denisova is obsessed with her music, and she is no indiscriminate virtuoso with a focus fixed on the past, but rather a knowledgeable champion of the music of our time. The wealth in nuance, the effortlessness with which she masters technical challenges, the power of expression and adaptability of her tone and her extensive knowledge of the stylistics of all musical languages are the striking characteristics of this unusual artist.

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